EnglandsHelicon2 L2v


Let not amazement blinde (30) Your soules (said he) annoy: To you and all mankinde, My message bringeth ioy. For loe the worlds great Shepheard now is borne A blessed Babe, an Infant full of power: (35) After long night, vp-risen is the morne, Renowning Bethlem in the Sauiour. Sprung is the perfect day, By Prophets seene a farre: Sprung is the mirthfull May, (40) Which Winter cannot marre. In Dauids Citie doth this Sunne appeare: Clouded in flesh, yet Shepheards sit we heere.


¶ Arsileus his Caroll, for ioy of the new mariage,
Syrenus and Diana. +

L Et now each Meade with flowers be depainted, Of sundry colours sweetest odours glowing: Roses yeeld forth your smels so finely tainted, Calme winds the greene leaues mooue with gentle |(blowing, (5) The Christall Riuers flowing With waters be encreased: And since each one from sorrow now hath ceased, From mournfull plaints and sadnes. Ring foorth faire Nimphs your ioyfull Songs for ||(gladnes.