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ΒΆ The Shepheards Song: a Caroll or Himne
for Christmas.

S Weete Musique, sweeter farre Then any Song is sweet: Sweet Musicke heauenly rare, Mine eares (O peeres) doth greete. (5) You gentle Flocks, whose fleeces pearl’d with dewe, Resemble heauen, whom golden drops make bright: Listen, O listen, now, O not to you Our pipes make sport to shorten wearie night, But voyces most diuine, (10) Make blisfull Harmonie: Voyces that seeme to shine, For what else cleares the skie? Tunes can we heare, but not the Singers see: The tunes diuine, and so the Singers be.
(15) Loe how the firmament, Within an azure fold: The flock of starres hath pent, That we might them behold. Yet from their beames proceedeth not this light, (20) Nor can their Christals such reflection giue: What then doth make the Element so bright? The heauens are come downe vpon earth to liue. But harken to the Song, Glorie to glories King: (25) And peace all men among, These Queristers doe sing. Angels they are, as also (Shepheards) hee, Whom in our feare we doe admire to see.