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Hey downe a downe did Dian sing, among’st her Virgins sitting: (25) Then loue there is no vainer thing, for Maidens most vnfitting. And so thinke I, with a downe downe derrie.

FINIS. Ignoto.

¶ Apollos Loue-Song for faire Daphne. +

M Y hart and tongue were twins, at once conceaued, The eldest was my hart, borne dumbe by destinie: The last my tongue, of all sweet thoughts bereaued, Yet strung and tun’d, to play harts harmonie. (5) Both knit in one, and yet a-sunder placed. What hart would speake, the tongue doth still discouer: What tongue doth speake, is of the heart embraced, And both are one, to make a new-found Louer. New-found, and onely found in Gods and Kings, (10) Whose words are deedes, but deedes nor words regarded: Chast thoughts doe mount, and flie with swiftest wings, My loue with paine, my paine with losse rewarded. Engraue vpon this tree Daphnes perfection: That neither men nor Gods can force affection.

This Dittie was sung before her Maiestie, at the
right honourable the Lord
Chandos, at Sudley
Castell, at her last being there in prograce. The
Author thereof vnknowne.