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Syluanus. Not in these saying to be prou’d a lyer, He knowes that loues, and is againe beloued: Now nights and dayes I rest in sweete desire, After I had such happy fortune proued. (45) And cannot I be glad, since not estranged, My selfe into Seluagia +I haue changed? Come, come, good Loue, and I will entertaine thee: Since to thy sweete content thou seek’st to traine me.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ Ceres Song in emulation of Cinthia. +

S Well Ceres now, for other Gods are shrinking, Pomona pineth, Fruitlesse her tree: Faire Phæbus shineth (5) Onely on me. Conceit doth make me smile whilst I am thinking, How euery one doth reade my storie, How euery bough on Ceres lowreth, Cause heauen plenty on me powreth, (10) And they in leaues doe onely glory, All other Gods of power bereauen, Ceres onely Queene of heauen.
With roabes and flowers let me be dressed, Cinthia that shineth (15) Is not so cleare: Cinthia declineth When I appeare.