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If Loue might sweet’n so a boy of Shepheards broode, To make a Lyzard dull to tast Loues daintie foode : +If Eagle fierce could so in Grecian Mayde delight , +(10) As his light was her eyes, her death his endlesse night: Earth gaue that Loue, heau’n I trow Loue defineth, O beasts, O birds, looke, Loue, loe, Stella shineth.
The birds, stones, and trees feele this, and feeling Loue, And if the trees, nor stones stirre not the same to proue: (15) Nor beasts, nor birds doe come vnto this blessed gaze, Know, that small Loue is quicke, and great Loue doth amaze. They are amaz’d, but you with reason armed, O eyes, O eares of men, how are you charmed?

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.

¶ A Song betweene Syrenus and Syluanus. +

Syrenus. W Ho hath of Cupids cates & dainties praied, May feede his stomack with them at his plea-|(sure: If in his drinke some ease he hath assayed, Then let him quench his thirsting without measure: (5) And if his weapons pleasant in their manner, Let him embrace his standard and his banner. For being free from him, and quite exempted: Ioyfull I am, and proud, and well contented.
Syluanus. Of Cupids daintie cates who hath not prayed, (10) May be depriued of them at his pleasure: If wormewood in his drinke he hath assayed,