EnglandsHelicon2 I8v


Sel. I see thy firmenesse gentle Louer, More then my beautie can discouer.
Sil. (35) And my good fortune to be higher Then my desert, but not desire.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ Montanus his Madrigall. +

I T was a Vallie gawdie greene, Where Dian at the Fount was seene, Greene it was, And did passe (5) All other of Dianaes bowers, In the pride of Floraes flowers.
A Fount it was that no Sunne sees, Cirkled in with Cipres trees, Set so nie, (10) As Phaebus eyeCould not doe the Virgins scathe, To see them naked when they bathe.
She sate there all in white, Colour fitting her delight, (15) Virgins so Ought to goe: For white in Armorie is plaste To be the colour that is chaste.
Her taffata Cassock you might see, (20) Tucked vp aboue her knee,