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¶ The Sheepheards Sonnet. +

M Y fairest Ganimede disdaine me not, Though silly Shepheard I, presume to loue thee, Though my harsh Songs and Sonnets cannot moue |(thee: Yet to thy beauty is my loue no blot: (5) Apollo, Ioue, and many Gods beside S’dain’d not the name of Country Shepheards ||(Swaines , +Nor want we pleasures, though we take some paines. We liue contentedly: A thing call’d pride Which so corrupts the Court and euery place, (10) (Each place I meane where learning is neglected, And yet of late, euen learnings selfe’s infected,) I know not what it meanes in any case. We onely (when Molorchus +gins to peepe,) Learne for to fold, and to vnfold our Sheepe.

FINIS. Rich. Barnefielde.

¶ Seluagia and Siluanus, their Song to Diana. +

Sel. I See thee iolly Sheepheard merrie, And firme thy faith, and sound as a berrie.
Sil. Loue gaue me ioy, and Fortune gaue it, As my desire could wish to haue it.
Sel. (5) What didst thou wish, tell me (sweete Louer,) Whereby thou might’st such ioy recouer?