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Espilus. Two thousand Sheepe I haue as white as milke, Though not so white as is thy louely face: (15) The pasture rich, the wooll as soft as silke, All this I giue, let me possesse thy grace. But still take heed, lest thou thy selfe submit: To one that hath no wealth, & wants his wit.
Therion. Two thousand Deere in wildest woods I haue, (20) Them can I take, but you I cannot hold: He is not poore who can his freedome saue, Bound but to you, no wealth but you I would. But take this beast, if beasts you feare to misse: For of his beasts the greatest beast he is.
(25) Both kneeling to her Maiestie.
Espilus. Iudge you, to whom all beauties force is lent:
Therion. Iudge you of loue, to whom all loue is bent.

This Song was sung before the Queenes most ex-
cellent Maiestie, in Wansted Garden: as a conten-
tention betweene a Forrester and a Sheepheard for
the May-Ladie.
FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.

ΒΆ Olde Melibeus Song, courting his Nimph. +

L Oues Queene long waiting for her true-Loue, +Slaine by a Boare which he had chased, Left off her teares, and me embraced,