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¶ Alanius the Shepheard, his dolefull Song, complayning
Ismeniaes crueltie. +

N O more (O cruell Nimph,) now hast thou prayed Enough in thy reuenge, proue not thine ireOn him that yeelds, the fault is now appayedVnto my cost: Now mollifie thy dire (5) Hardnes, and brest of thine so much obdured: And now raise vp (though lately it hath erred,) A poore repenting soule, that in the obscured Darknes of thy obliuion lyes enterred. For it falls not in that, that should commend thee: (10) That such a Swaine as I may once offend thee.
If that the little Sheepe with speede is flying From angry Shepheard (with his words afrayed) And runneth here and there with fearefull crying, And with great griefe is from the Flock estrayed: (15) But when it now perceiues that none doth follow, And all alone, so farre estraying mourneth, Knowing what danger it is in, with hollow And fainting bleates, then fearefull it returneth Vnto the Flock, meaning no more to leaue it: (20) Should it not be a iust thing to receaue it?
Lift vp those eyes ( Ismenia ) which so stately To view me, thou hast lifted vp before me, That liberty, which was mine owne but lately, Giue me againe, and to the same restore me: (25) And that mild heart, so full of loue and pittie, Which thou didst yeeld to me, and euer owe me;