EnglandsHelicon2 H7v


I put my hand into my side, To see what was the cause of this (45) vnwonted vaine: Where I did finde, that torments hiedBy endlesse death to preiudicemy life with paine.
Because I saw that there did want (50) My heart, wherein I did delight, my dearest hart: And he that did the same supplant, No iurisdiction had of right to play that part.
(55) The Iudge and Robber, that remaine Within my soule, their cause to trie, are there all one: And so the giuer of the paine, And he that is condemn’d to die (60) or I, or none.
To die I care not any way, Though without why, to die I greeue, as I doe see: But for because I heard her say, (65) None die for loue for I beleeue none such there be.
Then this thou shalt beleeue by me Too late, and without remedie as did in briefe: (70) Anaxarete, and thou shalt see,