EnglandsHelicon2 H7r


It is not long, since griefe and sorrow, My louing heart began to binde, and to deuoure.
It is not long, since companie (20) I did esteeme a ioy indeede still to frequent: Nor long, since solitarilie I liu’d, and that this life did breede my sole content.
(25) Desirous I (wretched) to see, But thinking not to see so much as then I saw: Loue made me know in what degree, His valour and braue force did touch (30) me with his law.
First he did put no more nor lesse Into my heart, then he did view that there did want: But when my breast in such excesse (35) Of liuely flames to burne I knew, then were so scant
My ioyes, that now did so abate, (My selfe estranged euery way from former rest:) (40) That I did know, that my estate, And that my life was euery day, in Deaths arrest.