EnglandsHelicon2 H6r


A worme did lie, wrapt in a smoakie sweate: And yet twas strange, It carelesse lay, and shrunk not at the heate.
(25) I stoode amaz’d, and wondring at the sight, while that a dame, That shone like to the heauens rich sparkling light, Discourst the same, And said, My friend, this worme within the fire: (30) Which lyes content, Is Venus worme, and represents desire.
A Salamander is this princely beast, Deck’d with a Crowne, (35) Giuen him by Cupid as a gorgeous creast, Gainst Fortunes frowne. Content he lyes, and bathes him in the flame, And goes not foorth, (40) For why, he cannot liue without the same. +
As he, so Louers liue within the fire Of feruent loue: And shrinke not from the flame of hote desire, Nor will not moue (45) From any heate that Venus force imparts: But lie content, Within a fire, and waste away their harts.