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(35) the beautie, that they heere doe touch, Thou woul’dst then loue alone Thy selfe, nor any one, onely thy selfe accounting much. But if thou do’st conceaue (40) this beauty, that I will not publique make, And mean’st not to bereaue The world of it, but leaue the same to some (which neuer peere did take,) (Sweet life) doe not my secret loue forsake.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ Damelus Song to his Diaphenia. +

D Iaphenia like the Daffa-down-dilly, White as the Sunne, faire as the Lilly, heigh hoe, how I doe loue thee? I doe loue thee as my Lambs (5) Are beloued of their Dams, how blest were I if thou would’st proue me?
Diaphenia like the spreading Roses, That in thy sweetes all sweetes incloses, faire sweete how I doe loue thee? (10) I doe loue thee as each flower, Loues the Sunnes life-giuing power. for dead, thy breath to life might moue me.
Diaphenia like to all things blessed, When all thy praises are expressed,