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¶ The Shepheards braule, one halfe answering the other. +

1. W E loue, and haue our loues rewarded?
2. We loue, and are no whit regarded.
1. We finde most sweet affections snare:
2. That sweet but sower dispairefull care.
1. (5) Who can dispaire, whom hope dooth beare?
2. And who can hope, that feeles despaire?
All. As without breath no pipe doth moue: No Musique kindly without loue.

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.

¶ Dorus his comparisons. +

M Y Sheepe are thoughts, which I both guide & serue, Their pasture is faire hils of fruitlesse loue: On barren sweetes they feede, and feeding sterue, I waile their lot, but will not other proue. (5) My Sheepe-hooke is wanne hope, which all vpholds: My weedes, desires, cut out in endlesse folds. +What wooll my Sheepe shall beare, while thus they |(liue: In you it is, you must the iudgement giue.

FINIS. S. Phil. Sidney.