EnglandsHelicon2 G8v


(5) I Pre-thee keepe my Kine for me Carillo, wilt thou? Tell. First let me haue a kisse of thee, And I will keepe them well.
If to my charge or them to keepe, (10) Thou doest commend thy Kine or Sheepe, For thee I doe suffise: Because in this I haue beene bred, But for so much as I haue fed By viewing thee, mine eyes; (15) Command not me to keepe thy beast: Because my selfe I can keepe least.
How can I keepe, I pre-thee tell, Thy Kie , my selfe that cannot well defend, nor please thy kinde(20) As long as I haue serued thee? But if thou wilt giue vnto me a kisse to please my minde: I aske no more for all my paine, And I will keepe them very faine.
(25) For thee, the gift is not so great That I doe aske, to keepe thy Neate, but vnto me it is A guerdon, that shall make me liue. Disdaine not then to lend, or giue (30) so small a gift as this, But if to it thou canst not frame: Then giue me leaue to take the same.