EnglandsHelicon2 G8r


(20) Neuer felt I sweeter sauour. And your harmlesse hart annointed, As the custome was of Kings: Shewes your sacred soule appointed, To be prime of earthly things. (25) Ending thus remember all, Cloathed in a mantle greene: Tis enough I am your thrall, Leaue to thinke what eye hath seene. Yet the eye may not so leaue, (30) Though the thought doe still repine: But must gaze till death bequeath, Eyes and thoughts vnto her shrine. Which if Amarillis chaunce, Hearing to make haste to see: (35) To life death she may aduance. Therefore eyes and thoughts goe free.


¶ The Sheepheard Carillo his Song. +

Guarda mi las Vaccas Carillo, por tu fe, Besa mi Primero, Yo te las guardare.