EnglandsHelicon2 G6v


2. Shep. Because they need no other good, That liue in presence of her sight.
1. Shep. Why looke these flowers so pale and ill, That once attir’d this goodly Heath?
2. Shep. (15) She hath rob’d Nature of her skill, And sweetens all things with her breath.
1. Shep. Why slide these brookes so slow away, Whose bubling murmur pleas’d thine eare?
2. Shep. Oh meruaile not although they stay, (20) When they her heauenly voyce doe heare.
1. Shep. From whence come all these Shepheards Swains, And louely Nimphs attir’d in greene?
2. Shep. From gathering Garlands on the Plaines, To crowne our faire the Shepheards Queene.
Both. (25) The Sunne that lights this world below, Flocks, flowers, and brookes will witnesse beare: These Nimphs and Shepheards all doe know, That it is she is onely faire.

FINIS. Mich. Drayton.

¶ The solitarie Sheepheards Song. +

O Shadie Vales, O faire enriched Meades, O sacred woods, sweet fields, and rising mountaines: O painted flowers, greene hearbs where Flora treads,