EnglandsHelicon2 G6r


¶ To his Flockes. +

F Eede on my Flockes securely, Your Shepheard watcheth surely, Runne about my little Lambs, Skip and wanton with your Dammes, (5) Your louing Heard with care will tend ye: Sport on faire flocks at pleasure, Nip Vestaes flowring treasure, +I my selfe will duely harke, When my watchfull dogge doth barke, (10) From Woolfe and Foxe I will defend ye.


¶ A Roundelay betweene two Shepheards. +

1. Shep. T Ell me thou gentle Shepheards Swaine, Who is younder in the Vale is set?
2. Shep. Oh it is she, whose sweetes doe staineThe Lilly, Rose, the Violet.
1. Shep. (5) Why doth the Sunne against his kind, Fixe his bright Chariot in the skies?
2. Shep. Because the Sunne is strooken blinde, With looking on her heauenly eyes.
1. Shep. Why doe thy flockes forbeare their food, (10) Which sometime were thy chiefe delight?