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Me thought I heard a dolefull noyse, Consorted with a mournfull voyce, Drawing neere, to heare more plaine, (40) Heare I did, vnto my paine, (For who is not pain’d to heare Him in griefe whom heart holds deere? Silly Swaine with griefe ore-gone Thus to make his pitteous mone. (45) Loue I did, alas the while, Loue I did, but did beguile My deere Loue with louing so, Whom as then I did not know. Loue I did the fairest Boy (50) That these fields did ere enioy. Loue I did faire Ganimede, Venus darling, beauties bed: Him I thought the fairest creature, Him the quintessence of Nature. (55) But yet (alas) I was deceau’d, (Loue of reason is bereau’d.) For since then I saw a Lasse, Lasse that did in beauty passe, Passe faire Ganimede as farre (60) As Phæbus doth the smallest starre. Loue commanded me to loue, Fancie bad me not remoue My affection from the Swaine Whom I neuer could obtaine: (65) (For who can obtaine that fauour Which he cannot graunt the crauer?) Loue at last (though loth) preuail’d, Loue that so my heart assail’d,