EnglandsHelicon2 G2v


(5) Whose sweet-siluer-sounding-voyce, Made the little birds reioyce, Skipping light from spray to spray, Till Aurora + shew’d the day. Scarse might one see, when I might see (10) (For such chances sudden be.) By a Well of Marble-stone, A Shepheard lying all alone. Weepe he did, and his weeping Made the fading flowers spring. (15) Daphnis was his name I weene, Youngest Swaine of Summers Queene. When Aurora saw t’was he Weepe she did for companie: Weepe she did for her sweet Sonne, +(20) That (when antique Troy was wonne) Suffer’d death by lucklesse Fate, Whom she now laments too late: And each morning (by Cocks crewe) Showers downe her siluer dewe, (25) Whose teares falling from their spring, Giue moisture to each liuing thing That on earth encrease and grow, Through power of their friendly foe. Whose effect when Flora felt, (30) Teares, that did her bosome melt, (For who can resist teares often, But she whom no teares can soften?) Peering straite aboue the banks, Shew’d her selfe to giue her thanks. (35) Wondring thus at Natures worke (Wherein many meruailes lurke)