EnglandsHelicon2 F8v


(10) My soule may haue the full accomplishment Of ioy and sweet content. And since fierce paines and greefes thou doest con-||(troule: Good Loue, doe not forsake my inward soule.
Presume not (Shepheards) once to make you merrie, (15) With springs, and flowers, or any pleasant Song, (Vnlesse mild Loue possesse your amorous breasts) If you sing not to him, + your Songs doe wearie, Crown him with flowers, or else ye do him wrong, And consecrate your Springs to his behests. (20) I to my Shepheardesse My happy loues with great content doe sing. And flowers to her doe bring. And sitting neere her by the Riuer side, Enioy the braue Spring-tide. (25) Since then thy ioyes such sweetnesse doth enroule: Good Loue, doe not forsake my inward soule.
The wise (in auncient time) a God thee nam’d, Seeing that with thy power and supreame might, Thou didst such rare and mighty wonders make: (30) For thee a heart is frozen and enflam’d, A foole thou mak’st a wise man with thy light, The coward turnes couragious for thy sake. The mighty Gods did quake At thy command: To birds & beasts transformed, (35) Great Monarchs haue not scorned To yeeld vnto the force of beauties lure: Such spoiles thou do’st procure With thy braue force, which neuer may be tould: With which (sweet loue) thou conquer’st euery soule.