EnglandsHelicon2 F8r


In suffering of thy wrongs without offences: (65) And lets thee spoile his heart and inward sences.
A publique passion, Natures lawes restrayning, And which with words can neuer be declared, A soule twixt loue, and feare, and desperation, And endlesse plaint, that shunnes all consolation, (70) A spendlesse flame, that neuer is impaired, A friendlesse death, yet life in death maintaining, A passion, that is gaining On him that loueth well, and is absented, Whereby it is augmented. (75) A iealousie, a burning griefe and sorrow, These fauours Louers borrow Of thee fell Loue, these be thy recompences: Consuming still their soule and inward sences.

FINIS. Bar. Yong.

¶ The Shepheard Arsileus replie to Syrenus Song. +

O Let that time a thousand moneths endure, Which brings from heauen the sweet and siluer show-|(ers, And ioyes the earth (of comfort late depriued) With grasse and leaues, fine buds, and painted flowers, (5) Ecchoe , returne vnto the woods obscure, Ring forth the Shepheards Songs in loue contriued. Let old loues be reuiued, Which angry Winter buried but of late, And that in such a state