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Of the valour I sing: (60) Weake faith that no hope doth bring.


ΒΆ An excellent Pastorall Dittie. +

A Carefull Nimph, with carelesse greefe opprest, Vnder the shaddow of an Ashen tree: With Lute in hand did paint out her vnrest, vnto a Nimph that bare her companie. (5) No sooner had she tuned euery string: But sob’d and sigh’d, and thus began to sing.
Ladies and Nimphs, come listen to my plaint, on whom the cheerefull Sunne did neuer rise: If pitties stroakes your tender breasts may taint, (10) come learne of me to wet your wanton eyes. For Loue in vaine the name of pleasure beares: His sweet delights are turned into feares.
The trustlesse shewes, the frights, the feeble ioyes, the freezing doubts, the guilefull promises: (15) The feigned lookes, the shifts, the subtill toyes, the brittle hope, the stedfast heauines. The wished warre in such vncertaine peace: These with my woe, my woes with these increase.
Thou dreadfull God, that in thy Mothers lap, +(20) do’st lye, and heare the crie of my complaint,