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Her browes bright arches fram’d of Ebonie, thus faire Samela Passeth faire Venus in her brightest hew, (20) And Iuno in the shew of Maiestie: for she’s Samela. Pallas in wit, all three if you well view, For beauty, wit, and matchlesse dignitie, yeeld to Samela.

FINIS. Ro. Greene.

¶ Wodenfrides Song in praise of Amargana. +

T He Sunne the season in each thing Reuiues new pleasures, the sweet Spring Hath put to flight the Winter keene: To glad our louely Sommer Queene.
(5) The pathes where Amargana treads, With flowrie tap’stries Flora spreads. And nature cloathes the ground in greene: To glad our louely Sommer Queene.
The Groaues put on their rich aray, (10) With Hawthorne bloomes imbroydered gay, And sweet perfum’d with Eglantine: +To glad our louely Sommer Queene.
The silent Riuer stayes his course, Whilst playing on the christall sourse,