EnglandsHelicon2 F1v


Her tresses are like wiers of beaten gold, Gold bright and sheene: Like Nysus golden haire that Scilla pold, Scill, ore-seene (20) through Minos loue.
Her eyes like shining Lamps in midst of night, Night darke and dead: Or as the Starres that giue the Sea-men light, Light for to leade (25) their wandring Ships.
Amidst her cheekes the Rose and Lilly striue, Lilly, snow-white: When their contend doth make their colour thriue. Colour too bright (30) for Shepheards eyes.
Her lips like Scarlet of the finest die, Scarlet blood-red: Teeth white as Snow, which on the hils doth lie, Hils ouer-spread (35) by Winters force.
Her skinne as soft as is the finest silke, Silke soft and fine: Of colour like vnto the whitest milke, Milke of the Kine(40) of Daphnis Heard.
As swift of foote as is the pretty Roe, Roe swift of pace: