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Let me report for thy behooue, the honour of thy minde, Let Coridon with full consent, set downe what he hath seene: (35) That Phillida with Loues content, is sworne the Shepheards Queene.

FINIS. N. Breton.

¶ Damætas Madrigall in praise of his Daphnis. +

T Vne on my pipe the praises of my Loue, Loue faire and bright: Fill earth with sound, and ayrie heauens aboue, heauen’s Ioues delight, (5) with Daphnis praise.
To pleasant Tempe Groues and Plaines about, Plaines, Shepheards pride: Resounding Ecchoes of her praise ring out, ring farre and wide (10) my Daphnis praise.
When I begin to sing, begin to sound, sounds loud and shrill: Doe make each note vnto the skies rebound, skies calme and still, (15) with Daphnis praise.