EnglandsHelicon2 E8v


ΒΆ Coridons supplications to Phillis. +

S Weete Phillis, if a silly Swaine, may sue to thee for grace: See not thy louing Shepheard slaine, with looking on thy face. (5) But thinke what power thou hast got, vpon my Flocke and mee: Thou seest they now regard me not, but all doe follow thee. And if I haue so farre presum’d, (10) with prying in thine eyes: Yet let not comfort be consum’d, that in thy pitty lyes. But as thou art that Phillis faire, that Fortune fauour giues: (15) So let not Loue dye in despaire, that in thy fauour liues. The Deere doe brouse vpon the bryer, the Birds doe pick the Cherries: And will not Beautie graunt Desire, (20) one handfull of her berries? If it be so that thou hast sworne, that none shall looke on thee: Yet let me know thou doest not scorne, to cast a looke on mee. (25) But if thy beautie make thee proude, thinke then what is ordain’d: The heauens haue neuer yet alow’d, that Loue should be disdain’d. Then lest the Fates that fauour Loue, (30) should curse thee for vnkinde: