EnglandsHelicon2 E6v


For her griefes so liuely showne, Made me thinke vpon mine owne. Ah (thought I) thou mourn’st in vaine, (20) None takes pitty on thy paine. Sencelesse trees, they cannot heare thee, Ruthlesse beasts, they will not cheare thee. King Pandion he is dead, +All thy friends are lapt in Lead. (25) All thy fellow birds doe sing, Carelesse of thy sorrowing. Euen so poore bird like thee, None a-liue will pitty mee.

FINIS. Ignoto.

¶ The Shepheards allusion of his owne amorous
infelicitie, to the offence of
Actæon. +

A Ctæon lost in middle of his sport +Both shape and life, for looking but awry: Diana was afraid he would report What secrets he had seene in passing by. (5) To tell but truth, the selfe same hurt haue I: By viewing her for whom I daily die. I leese my wonted shape, in that my minde Doth suffer wracke vpon the stonie rock Of her disdaine, who contrary to kinde (10) Doth beare a breast more hard then any stock; And former forme of limbes is changed quite: By cares in loue, and want of due delight.