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And Coridon the onely Swaine, that onely hath her Shepheard beene. (65) Though Phillis keepe her bower of state, shall Coridon consume away? No Shepheard no, worke out the weeke, and Sunday shall be holy-day.

FINIS. N. Breton.

¶ The passionate Sheepheards Song. +

O N a day, (alack the day,) Loue whose moneth was euer May: Spied a blossome passing faire, Playing in the wanton ayre +. (5) Through the veluet leaues the winde, All vnseene gan passage finde: That the Shepheard (sicke to death,) Wish’d himselfe the Heauens breath. Ayre (quoth he) thy cheekes may blow: (10) Ayre, would I might triumph so. But alas, my hand hath sworne, Nere to plucke thee from thy thorne. Vow (alack) for youth vnmeete, Youth so apt to pluck a sweet. (15) Thou for whom Ioue would sweare, Iuno but an Æthiope were, And deny him selfe for Ioue, Turning mortall for my Loue.

FINIS. W. Shakespeare.