EnglandsHelicon2 E3v


¶ The Shepheard Dorons Iigge. +

T Hrough the shrubs as I can crack, for my Lambs pretty ones, mongst many little ones, Nimphs I meane, whose haire was black (5) As the Crow. Like as the Snow Her face and browes shin’d I weene, I saw a little one, a bonny pretty one, (10) As bright, buxome, and as sheene: As was shee +On her knee That lull’d the God, + whose arrowes warmes such merry little ones, (15) such faire-fac’d pretty ones, As dally in Loues chiefest harmes. Such was mine, Whose gray eyne Made me loue: I gan to wooe (20) this sweete little one, this bonny pretty one. I wooed hard a day or two, Till she bad, Be not sad, (25) Wooe no more, I am thine owne, thy dearest little one, thy truest pretty one. Thus was faith and firme loue showne, As behooues(30) Shepheards Loues.

FINIS. Ro. Greene.