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Yet as they beene, if any nicer witShall hap to heare, or couet them to reade: (15) Thinke he, that such are for such ones most fit, Made not to please the liuing, but the dead. And if in him found pitty euer place: Let him be mou’d to pitty such a case.

FINIS. Edm. Spencer.

ΒΆ Damaetas Iigge in praise of his Loue. +

I Olly Shepheard, Shepheard on a hill on a hill so merrily, on a hill so cherily, Feare not Shepheard there to pipe thy fill, (5) Fill euery Dale, fill euery Plaine: both sing and say; Loue feeles no paine.
Iolly Shepheard, Shepheard on a greene on a greene so merrily, on a greene so cherily, (10) Be thy voyce shrill, be thy mirth seene, Heard to each Swaine, seene to each Trull: both sing and say; Loues ioy is full.
Iolly Shepheard, Shepheard in the Sunne, in the Sunne so merrily, (15) in the Sunne so cherily, Sing forth thy Songs, and let thy rimes runne Downe to the Dales, to the hills aboue: both sing and say; No life to loue.