EnglandsHelicon2 D8v


Now th’Ayre is sweeter then sweet Balme, And Satyres daunce about the Palme, Now earth with verdure newly dight, (10) Giues perfect signes of her delight.

O beauteous Queene, &c.
Now birds record new harmonie, And trees doe whistle melodie, Now euery thing that Nature breedes, (15) doth clad it selfe in pleasant weedes.

O beauteous Queene, &c.

FINIS. Tho. Watson.

¶ Colin Cloutes mournfull Dittie for the death
Astrophell. +

S Hepheards that wont on pipes of Oaten Reede, Oft-times to plaine your Loues concealed smart; And with your pitteous Layes haue learn’d to breedeCompassion in a Country-Lasses hart: (5) Harken ye gentle Shepheards to my Song, And place my dolefull plaint your plaints among.
To you alone I sing this mournfull verse, The mournfulst verse that euer man heard tell: To you whose softned hearts it may impierCe (10) With dolours dart for death of Astrophell. To you I sing, and to none other wight: For well I wot, my rimes beene rudely dight.