EnglandsHelicon2 D6v


Thy case doth make me rue, That thou should’st loue so true, (15) and be thus disdain’d: While their Flocks a feeding were, They did meete together there. Then with a curtsie lowe, And sighs that told his woe, (20) thus to her he plain’d.
Bide a while faire Phillida, List what Harpalus will say Onely in loue to thee, Though thou respect not mee, (25) yet vouchsafe an eare: To preuent ensuing ill, Which no doubt betide thee will, If thou doe not fore-see, To shunne it presentlie, (30) then thy harme I feare. Firme thy loue is, well I wot, To the man that loues thee not. Louely and gentle Mayde, Thy hope is quite betrayde, (35) which my hart doth greeue: Corin is vnkind to thee, Though thou thinke contrarie. His loue is growne as light, As is his Faulcons flight, (40) this sweet Nimph beleeue.
Mopsus daughter, that young mayde, Her bright eyes his heart hath strayde