EnglandsHelicon2 D6r


Of Corin that is carelesse, that she may craue her fee: (95) As I haue done in great distresse, that lou’d her faithfully. But since that I shall die her slaue, her slaue and eke her thrall: Write you my friends vpon my graue, (100) this chaunce that is befall. Heere lyeth vnhappy Harpalus, by cruell Loue now slaine: Whom Phillida vniustly thus, hath murdred with disdaine.

FINIS. L. T. Haward, Earle of Surrie.

ΒΆ Another of the same subiect, but made as it
were in answere.

O N a goodly Summers day, Harpalus and Phillida , He a true harted Swaine, She full of coy disdaine, (5) droue their flocks to field: He to see his Shepheardesse, She did dreame on nothing lesse, Then his continuall care, Which to grim-fac’d Dispaire, (10) wholely did him yeeld. Corin she affected still, All the more thy heart to kill.