EnglandsHelicon2 D3v


Wherefore no time my banning prayers shall pause, till proud she repent.

FINIS. Ro. Greene.

ΒΆ A sweete Pastorall. +

G Ood Muse rock me a sleepe with some sweet Harmonie: This weary eye is not to keepe thy wary companie.
(5) Sweete Loue be gone a while, thou knowest my heauines: Beautie is borne but to beguile, my hart of happines.
See how my little flocke (10) that lou’d to feede on hie: Doe headlong tumble downe the Rocke, and in the Vallie die.
The bushes and the trees that were so fresh and greene: (15) Doe all their dainty colour leese, and not a leafe is seene.
The Blacke-bird and the Thrush, that made the woods to ring: With all the rest, are now at hush, (20) and not a note they sing.