EnglandsHelicon2 D2v


Another of the same Authour. +

F Ields were ouer-spread with flowers, Fairest choise of Floraes + treasure: Shepheards there had shady Bowers, Where they oft repos’d with pleasure. (5) Meadowes flourish’d fresh and gay, where the wanton Heards did play.
Springs more cleare then Christall streames, Seated were the Groues among: Thus nor Titans scorching beames, (10) Nor earths drouth could Shepheards wrong. Faire Pomonaes fruitfull pride: +did the budding branches hide.
Flockes of sheepe fed on the Plaines, Harmelesse sheepe that roamd at large: (15) Heere and there sate pensiue Swaines, Wayting on their wandring charge. Pensiue while their Lasses smil’d: Lasses which had them beguil’d.
Hills with trees were richly dight, (20) Vallies stor’d with Vestaes wealth: Both did harbour sweet delight, Nought was there to hinder health. Thus did Heauen grace the soyle: Not deform’d with work-mens toile.
(25) Purest plot of earthly mold, Might that Land be iustly named: