EnglandsHelicon2 C8v


(5) Vpon a tree, The Eagle, Ioues faire bird + did pearch, There resteth hee. A little Fly his harbour then did search, And did presume, (though others laugh’d thereat) (10) To pearch whereas the Princely Eagle sat.
The Eagle Frown’d, and shooke his royall wings, and charg’d the Flie From thence to hie. Afraide, in hast the little creature flings, (15) Yet seekes againe, Fearefull to pearke him by the Eagles side. With moodie vaine The speedie poast of Ganimede replide: +Vassaile auaunt, or with my wings you die. (20) Is’t fit an Eagle seate him with a Flie?
The Flie crau’d pittie, still the Eagle frownd. The silly Flie Ready to die: Disgrac’d, displac’d, fell groueling to the ground. (25) The Eagle sawe: And with a royall mind said to the Flie, Be not in awe, I scorne by me the meanest creature die. Then seate thee here: The ioyfull Flie vp-flings, (30) And sate safe shadowed with the Eagles wings.

FINIS. Ro. Greene.