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he aunswered: Gentle Mother (40) The hony-worker in the Hiue, My griefe and mischiefe doth contriue, alas it is none other. Shee kist the Lad: Now marke the chaunce, And strait she fell into a traunce, (45) and crying, thus concluded: Ah wanton boy, like to the Bee, Thou with a kisse hast wounded mee, and haplesse Loue included. A little Bee doth thee affright, (50) But ah, my wounds are full of spright, and cannot be recured: The boy that kist his Mothers paine, Gan smile, and kist her whole againe, and made her hope assured. (55) She suckt the wound, and swag’d the sting, And little Loue ycurde did sing, then let no Louer sorrow: To day though greefe attaint his hart, Let him with courage bide the smart, (60) amends will come to morrow.

FINIS. Thom. Lodge.

¶ Menaphons Roundelay. +

W Hen tender Ewes brought home with euenings |(Sunne, Wend to their Folds, And to their holds The Shepheards trudge when light of day is done: