EnglandsHelicon2 C7r


(55) Weele strew the shoare with pearle, where Beta walks alone, And we will paue her Princely Bower with richest Indian stone. Perfume the ayre, and make it sweete, For such a Goddesse it is meete. For if her eyes for purity contend with Titans light: (60) No meruaile then, although they so doe dazell humane sight.
Sound out your Trumpets then from Londons stately Towers, To beate the stormie winds a-backe, and calme the raging showers. Set to the Cornet and the Flute, The Orpharion and the Lute: (65) And tune the Taber and the Pipe to the sweet Violons: And moue the thunder in the ayre with lowdest Clarions.
Beta, long may thine Altars smoake with yeerely sacrifise, And long thy sacred Temples may their Sabbaths solemnise, Thy Shepheards watch by day and night, (70) Thy Maides attend the holy light, And thy large Empire stretch her armes from East vnto the West: And Albionon the Appenines +aduance her conquering crest.

FINIS. Mich. Drayton.

¶ The Barginet of Antimachus. +

I N pride of youth, in midst of May, When birds with many a merry Lay, salute the Sunnes vp-rising: I sate me downe fast by a Spring, (5) And while these merry Chaunters sing, I fell vpon surmizing.