EnglandsHelicon2 C6v


The blessed Angels haue prepar’d A glorious Crowne for thy reward. Not such a golden Crowne as haughty Cæsar +weares: (30) But such a glittering starrie crowne as Ariadne beares.
Make her a goodly Chaplet of azurd Cullumbine, And wreath about her Coronet with sweetest Eglantine. Bedeck our Beta all with Lillies. And the dainty Daffadillies, (35) With Roses Damaske, white and red, and fairest flowre-Delice: +With Cowslips of Ierusalem, and Cloaues of Paradice . +
O thou faire Torch of heauen, the dayes most dearest light, And thou bright-shining Cinthia , the glory of the night. You starres the eyes of heauen, (40) And thou the glyding leuen, And thou O gorgeous Iris , with all strange colours dyed: When she streames forth her rayes, then dasht is all your pride.
See how the Day stands still, admiring of her face, And Time loe stretcheth forth his armes thy Beta to embrace. (45) The Syrens sing sweet Layes, The Trytons sound her praise, Goe passe on Thames, and hie thee fast vnto the Ocean Sea: And let thy billowes there proclaime thy Betas holy-day.
And water thou the blessed roote of that greene Oliue tree, (50) With whose sweete shadow all thy bankes with peace preserued be. Lawrell for Poets and Conquerours: And Mirtle for Loues Paramours. That fame may be thy fruit, the boughs preseru’d by peace, And let the mournfull Cypres die, now stormes and tempests cease.