EnglandsHelicon2 C6r


¶ Rowlands Song in praise of the fairest Beta. +

O Thou siluer Thames, ô clearest christall flood, Beta alone the Phænix is of all thy watry brood. The Queene of Virgins onely she, And thou the Queene of flouds shalt be. (5) Let all the Nimphs be ioyfull then, to see this happy day: Thy Beta now alone shall be the subiect of my Lay.
With daintie and delightsome straines of sweetest Virelayes, +Come louely Shepheards sit we downe, & chaunt our Betas |(praise. And let vs sing so rare a verse, (10) Our Betas praises to rehearse, That litle birds shall silent be, to heare poore Shepheards sing: And Riuers backward bend their course, & flow vnto the spring. +
Range all thy Swannes faire Thames together on a ranke: And place them duly one by one vpon thy stately banke. (15) Then set together all a-good, Recording to the siluer flood : +And craue the tunefull Nightingale to helpe ye with her Lay; The Osell and the Thrustlecocke, chiefe musicke of our May.
O see what troupes of Nimphs beene sporting on the strands; (20) And they beene blessed Nimphs of peace, with Oliues in their |(hands. How merrily the Muses sing, That all the flowrie Meddowes ring And Beta sits vpon the banke in purple and in pall. And shee the Queene of Muses is, and weares the Coronall.
(25) Trim vp her golden tresses with Apollos sacred tree, O happy sight vnto all those that loue and honour thee,