EnglandsHelicon2 C5v


Such as silly Shepheards vse, When they will not Loue abuse; Loue, which had beene long deluded, Was with kisses sweete concluded. (25) And Phillida with garlands gay: Was made the Lady of the May.

FINIS. N. Breton.

¶ To Colin Cloute. +

B Eautie sate bathing by a Spring, where fairest shades did hide her. The winds blew calme, the birds did sing, the coole streames ranne beside her. (5) My wanton thoughts entic’d mine eye, to see what was forbidden: But better Memory + said, fie, so, vaine Desire was chidden. Hey nonnie, nonnie, &c.
(10) Into a slumber then I fell, when fond imagination: Seemed to see, but could not tell her feature or her fashion. But euen as Babes in dreames doe smile, (15) and sometime fall a weeping: So I awakt, as wise this while, as when I fell a sleeping. Hey nonnie, nonnie, &c.

FINIS. Shepheard Tonie.