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For priefe thereof my death shall weepe, and moane with many a mocke. +So learn’d I loue on a holy-Eue, (70) hey hoe holy-day: That euer since my heart did grieue, now endeth our Roundelay.

FINIS. Edm. Spencer.

¶ Phillida and Coridon. +

I N the merry month of May, In a morne by breake of day, Forth I walked by the Wood-side, When as May was in his pride: (5) There I spied all alone, Phillida and Coridon. Much a-doo there was God wot, He would loue, and she would not. She said neuer man was true, (10) He said, none was false to you. He said, he had lou’d her long, She said, Loue should haue no wrong. Coridon would kisse her then, She said, Maides must kisse no men, (15) Till they did for good and all. Then she made the Shepheard call All the heauens to witnesse truth: Neuer lou’d a truer Youth. Thus with many a pretty oath, (20) Yea and nay, and faith and troath,