EnglandsHelicon2 C3v


Homely breasts doe harbour quiet, (30) little feare, and mickle solace: States suspect their bed and diet, feare and craft doe haunt the Pallace. Little would I, little want I, where the minde and store agreeth, (35) Smallest comfort is not scantie, least he longs that little seeth. Time hath beene that I haue longed, foolish I, to like of folly: To conuerse where honour thronged, (40) to my pleasures linked wholy.
Now I see, and seeing sorrow that the day consum’d, returnes not: Who dare trust vpon to morrow, when nor time, nor life soiournes not?

FINIS. Thom. Lodge.

¶ Perigot and Cuddies Roundelay . +

I T fell vpon a holy-Eue, +hey hoe holy-day: +When holy-Fathers wont to shriue, now ginneth this Roundelay. (5) Sitting vpon a hill so hie, hey hoe the high hill: The while my Flock did feede thereby, the while the Shepheards selfe did spill.