EnglandsHelicon2 C2r


(5) When euery bird on euery branch can sing Naught but this note of woe alas? Alas this note of woe why should we sound? With vs as May, September hath a prime, Then birds and branches your alas is fond, (10) Which call vpon the absent Summer time: For did flowres make our May Or the Sun-beames your day. When Night and Winter did the World embrace, Well might you waile your ill and sing alas.
(15) Loe Matron-like the Earth her selfe attires In habite graue, Naked the fields are, bloomelesse are the brires, Yet we a Summer haue, Who in our clime kindleth these liuing fires, (20) Which bloomes can on the briers saue. No Ice doth christallize the running Brooke, No blast deflowres the flowre-adorned field, Christall is cleare, but clearer is the looke, Which to our climes these liuing fires doth yield: (25) Winter though euery where Hath no abiding here: On Brooks and Briers she doth rule alone, The Sunne which lights our world is alwayes one. +

FINIS. Edmund Bolton.