EnglandsHelicon2 B8r


Bin they not Bay-branches which they doe beare: All for Eliza in her hand to weare? (70) So sweetly they play, And sing all the way, That it a heauen is to heare.
Loe how finely the Graces can it foote, to the Instrument: (75) They dauncen deffely, and singen sooteIn their merriment. Wants not a fourth Grace + to make the daunce euen? Let that roome to my Lady be giuen. She shall be a Grace, (80) To fill the fourth place, And raigne with the rest in heauen.
And whether runnes this beuie of Ladies bright, Ranged in a roe? They beene all Ladies of the Lake behight (85) That vnto her goe: Chloris, that is the chiefe Nimph of all, Of Oliue-branches beares a Coronall: Oliues beene for peace When warres doe surcease, (90) Such for a Princesse beene principall.
Bring hether the Pinke and purple Cullumbine. With Gillyflowers: Bring sweet Carnasions, and Sops in Wine, Worne of Paramours. (95) Strew me the ground with Daffa-down-Dillies, And Cowslips, and Kings-cups, and loued Lillies,