EnglandsHelicon2 B7v


But when he saw how broadeher beames did spread: (40) It did him maze. He blusht to see another Sunne below, Ne durst againe his fierie face out-show: Let him if he dare His brighnesse compare (45) With hers, to haue the ouerthrow.
Shew thy selfe Cynthia + with thy siluer rayes, And be not abasht, When she the beames of her beauty displayes, Oh how art thou dasht? (50) But I will not match her with Latonaes seede, +Such folly great sorrow to Niobe did breede, Now is she a stone, And makes deadly mone, Warning all other to take heede.
(55) Pan may be proud, that euer he begot Such a Bellibone: And Sirinx reioyce, that euer was her lot To beare such a one. Soone as my Younglings cryen for the dam, (60) To her will I offer a milke-white Lamb. She is my Goddesse plaine, And I her Shepheards Swaine, Albe for-swonck and for-swat I am.
I see Caliope speede her to the place, (65) Where my Goddesse shines: And after her the other Muses trace With their Violines.