EnglandsHelicon2 B5v


To pierce the heauen with their aspiring head, Naked and bare doth leaue their craggie seat. When as the bubble, which did empty flie (20) The daliance of the vndiscerned winde: On whose calme rowling waues it did relie, Hath shipwrack made, where it did daliance finde: And when the Sun-shine which dissolu’d the snow, Colourd the bubble with a pleasant varie, (25) And made the rathe and timely Primrose grow, Swarth clowdes with-drawne (which longer time do tarie)Oh what is praise, pompe, glory, ioy, but so As shine by fountaines, bubbles, flowers or snow?


¶ Astrophell the Shepheard, his complaint to
his Flocke.

G Oe my flocke, goe get yee hence, Seeke a better place of feeding: Where yee may haue some defence From the stormes in my breast breeding, (5) And showers from mine eyes proceeding.
Leaue a wretch, in whom all woe, can abide to keepe no measure: Merry Flocke, such one forgoe vnto whom mirth is displeasure, (10) onely rich in mischiefes treasure.