EnglandsHelicon2 B5r


Loue is not dead, but sleepeth In her vnmatched minde: (35) Where she his counsell keepeth, Till due desert shee finde. Therefore from so vile fancie, To call such wit a frenzie, Who loue can temper thus: (40) Good Lord deliuer vs.

FINIS. Sir. Phil. Sidney.

ΒΆ A Palinode. +

A S withereth the Primrose by the riuer, As fadeth Summers-Sunne from gliding fountaines; As vanisheth the light blowne bubble euer, As melteth Snow vpon the mossie Mountaines. (5) So melts, so vanisheth, so fades, so withers, The Rose, the shine, the bubble and the snow, Of praise, pompe, glory, ioy (which short life gathers,) Faire praise, vaine pompe, sweet glory, brittle ioy. The withered Primrose by the mourning riuer, (10) The faded Summers-sunne from weeping fountaines: The light-blowne bubble, vanished for euer, The molten snow vpon the naked mountaines, Are Emblems that the treasures we vp-lay, Soone wither, vanish, fade, and melt away.
(15) For as the snowe, whose lawne did ouer-spread Th’ ambitious hils, which Giant-like did threat