EnglandsHelicon2 B4r


Her feature peerelesse, peerelesse her attire, (100) I can but loue her loue, with zeale entire.
O who can sing her beauties best, or that remaines vnsung? Doe thou Apollo tune the rest, vnworthy is my tongue. (105) To gaze on her, is to be blest, so wondrous faire her face is; Her fairenesse cannot be exprest, in Goddesses nor Graces. I loue my Loue, the goodly worke of Nature: (110) Admire her face, but more admire her stature.
On thee (O Cosma ) will I gaze, and reade thy beauties euer: Delighting in the blessed maze, which can be ended neuer. (115) For in the luster of thy rayes, appeares thy Parents brightnesse: Who himselfe infinite displayes in thee his proper greatnesse. My Song must end, but neuer my desire: (120) For Cosmas face is Theorellos fire.


Astrophels Loue is dead. +

R Ing out your Belles, let mourning shewes be spread, For Loue is dead.